We make Incredible happen.

Figure Plant | Design & Fabrication – We make incredible happen.


When you partner with Figure Plant, you’re not just getting top-notch design and fabrication, you’re getting our people, perspective and principles.

We guide our work by our core values of service, sustainability, integrity, accountability, creativity and collaboration. We promise you more than just a quality product, and you’ve noticed.

"I am blown away by your team’s talent. I can’t thank you enough for the hard work, dedication, and microscopic attention to detail that you each exhibited. It certainly showed with all of the comments and feedback we have received. We were blown away. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have worked with all of you on what is now one of my career highlights."

- Brooke van Roekel, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Nike Foundation

"You guys are the equivalent of a SEAL team for high end fabrication. You assess my project, plus-out my idea (making me look even better to my clients), go off and fabricate something amazing, and then install with seamless efficiency! You were there... but it's like you were never there."

- Jen Shockley, Chris Donatiello Winery

"Working with you guys has been a breath of fresh air… very helpful, and willing to take on the hard work that others will simply pass… definitely made this experience much better for all of us here."

- David Abouaf, Lead Designer, VizWerks

"The team was AWESOME. Everything looks great and the client is happy. Your team was very professional and also friendly (a rare find in our industry)."

- Jackie Banda, Production Manager, IRL Productions

"You guys clearly killed it - Instagram doesn't lie…. thanks for all your help, patience, and vision. We really look forward to working with you and your team in the future."

- K.C. Blinn, Creative Director, Pabst Brewing

"Your team was awesome and I really appreciate you pulling through on a tight timeline! Honestly means a lot!! Super glad we found you. Definitely will get you on board for our next project. Thanks a million times over!!"

- Aniqa Arif, Optimist

"Figure Plant was an integral part in creating custom objects for a recent project. It was recommended we partner with them and I was not disappointed. We were tasked with producing it in half the time needed. Figure Plant was a true partner from beginning to end, bringing the objects to life amid ever-changing circumstances. They were available 24/7 and in the end everything delivered on time. I look forward to working with them again!"

- Diana Courcier, Sr. Art Buyer / Print Producer, DDB for Qualcomm

"I firmly believe that the true measure of a partner is how they react when faced with the inevitable problems that are so prevalent in our industry. The professionalism, problem-solving and "get it done" attitude that Figure Plant exhibited was refreshing and reassuring. I am truly looking forward to the next opportunity to partner with the Figure Plant team."

- Greg Walden, Event Production Director Geometry Global


Like so many great companies, Figure Plant started in a garage.

In 1997, we outgrew the garage and opened our San Francisco plant. A decade later, Figure Plant grew again, this time northward, adding a plant in Portland, OR. What was once a one-man operation is now a thriving creative community with one goal:

Help brands stand out in the marketplace through innovative design and high-quality fabrication.

Figure Plant is dedicated to supporting the visions of creative professionals, both client and employee. We maintain a company culture that supports, encourages and respects every technician, artist and craftsperson.

We know that it's together that we make Incredible happen.